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Here is a list of my main projects at the moment, where, in addition to performing, I compose all the music. Feel free to take a look and read a bit about the different projects here.

Liv Andrea Hauge - Photo by Eirill DeLonge.jpg

When did the colors change

I wrote "When did the colors change" as a commissioned work for Arctic Philharmonic, my trio and three vocalists for the opening of Bodø2024 - European capital of culture. The music was first performed for a sold out Stormen Konserthus, and will soon be possible to hear on Norwegian radio. 

An interview and a short clip of the concert can be heard on the radio program Musikklivet on P2, from 42:30. 

"Hauge seemed fully formed right from the first time I heard her with Kongle Trio and her larger projects. She's bound to go far, as they say, and she's already there, really. She masters the quirky Norwegian piano trio tradition, but also has a good pop ear. In the first song, she sang herself at the piano, with full force and immersion. This was material that communicated, yet it had more than enough necessary hooks. It became even clearer in the intricate vocal arrangements for the three singers standing in the middle of the stage: Ragnhild Moan, Andréa Horstad, and Jakob Nordli Leirvik. Three-part singing is nice in itself, but here they also took a more challenging approach, with great success. This was especially true in the delightful, prog-pop jazz song they played right after Sonja's speech earlier in the day. (...) And this was probably what the audience appreciated most this evening; there were heartfelt cheers and standing ovations for a composer who is going to bring many joys to the audience in the future, but fortunately also challenges."

- Audun Vinger

"Much beautiful playing by the Philharmonic filled up the soundscape. It was very powerful and emotional at times. And the ending was so intense and strong that the audience wanted more."

- Rune Slyngstad, Avisa Nordland

Liv Andrea Hauge 

"Hva nå, Ekko?" is a commissioned work by me, composed for Festspillene Helgeland 2022, and also performed at Hemnesjazz, Kongsberg Jazz Festival, and Oslojazz the same summer. With the commissioned piece "Hva nå, Ekko" I set the goal of exploring improvisation within a larger jazz ensemble, featuring some of the foremost young jazz musicians on the Norwegian scene: Ragnhild Moan, Signe Emmeluth, Torstein Lavik Larsen, Marte Eberson, Fredrik Luhr, and Andreas Winther. Based on my compositions and collective improvisation, the project evolves into a collaborative endeavor marked by close interaction. 

"Hva nå, Ekko?" tells the story of Echo, who is unhappily in love with Narcissus. She follows him wherever he goes, without having her own thoughts or opinions. It gradually feels meaningless, and Echo begins to wonder what will happen if she stops repeating what others say. What should she say then? And does she really need to follow Narcissus, who is only concerned with himself anyway? The music explores Echo's feelings and possibilities, and the unpredictability of improvisational music parallels the freedom of speech in an echo. Because what happens then?

Listen to "Hva nå, Ekko?" below. 

"In other words, she took a leap and landed gracefully with her feet securely planted on the well-established Norwegian jazz scene, and there is no room for complaints about the production level."

- Morgenbladet

Liv Andrea Hauge Ensemble 01_foto Michael Schult Ulriksen_lowres-1 ucroppet.jpg

Liv Andrea Hauge Trio 

Liv Andrea Hauge Trio was formed when I was chosen as Norway's representative in the European jazz program Footprints in 2021. I invited August and Georgia to join me on a tour in Slovenia and Hungary in 2022, and that's where the trio was born. Even though we didn't know each other from before, we immediately found a spark of chemistry and have played together since, developing our own unique expression.

On February 2, 2024, we will release our second album, which is our first studio album, "Ville blomster”, which is Norwegian for wildflowers. In December, we released the first song from the album, "Gullregn" a vibrant piece of music that draws inspiration from the Keith Jarrett Trio.

Our first record, "Live from St. Hanshaugen" was recorded just a week after we began playing together. "Wildflowers". on the other hand, represents the result of a year of intense touring and collaboration. We have developed an unique expression, which allows exploration and improvisation. The title symbolizes the wild and improvised side of our music, as well as the beautiful and simple melodic elements (the flowers) that stand out.

Listen to "Ville blomster" below. 

"Melodically strong, intricate compositions with a characteristic drive."

- Audun Vinger

"Liv Andrea Hauge Trio has released a recording from an intimate living room concert that could end up being one of the best Norwegian jazz albums of the year."

- Torkjell Hovland, Ballade

Bye Lila

Bye Lila is a duo consisting of Lisbeth-Anita Grimsø Olsen on vocals and me on the piano. Our collaboration began in 2016 when we met during our studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Since then, we have played together in several projects, including the jazz sextet Ladybird Orchestra, which made it's debut with the album 'Fly' on Jazzland Recordings in 2021.

In spring 2024, we are releasing our second album with the sextet, a live recording on Jazzland Recordings. In recent years, we have focused extensively on the duo-format, and last year we completed the album 'And Then Summer Came' at Propeller Recordings. Our album features personal and intimate lyrics, melodic compositions, and lots of improvisation, highlighting the close and enduring collaboration between us as musicians.

'And Then Summer Came' was released on November 24th this year on Nice Things Records. Listen to the album below.



Vinterhagen is a brand-new jazz trio consisting of Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson on double bass, Andreas Winther on drums and me on the piano. This summer, we played together in Liv Hauge Ensemble and quickly realized the chemistry was excellent, inspiring us to start a trio as well.

Vinterhagen is a band with many musical ideas. Ideas that are viewed as a source to improvisation and exploration. In the fall of 2022, we went to the studio recording our debut album at Ugla Lyd with Morten Qvenild.

We are set to release our first album on Jazzland Records in February 2024.

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